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Marian Andrew

Contemporary Romance Author & e-Book Binge Reader

 Welcome to Marian Andrew’s Indie Books & More, the podcast for literary fans and indie authors who would like the chance to listen to and talk about their books and the challenges of self-publishing.


I always recommend some books I’m reading and really enjoying. Popular topics include chick-lit, sappy romances, erotica, family sagas, paranormal love plots, LGBTQ romances, female empowerment, and reverse-harem dramas.



Are you an indie author who would like to be featured on my podcast? Let's book a session!


Are you a reader who has something to say and would like to take part in a podcast session?

Next Episode: September 26th !!

Tune into my next podcast on Sunday September 26th as I chat with Patricia Antone, the American author of  the romance books The Destiny Path Series.


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    Delaine Shay (Monday, 30 August 2021 14:41)

    Your voice is easy to listen to which is helpful for my hearing loss.
    Thanks for explaining what an Indie author is I thought I know yet wasn’t sure.

    As far as being interviewed on your program, I am grateful. to hear that you are also talking about the writing process. In my interviews thus far no one has broached that and it is such an important part of the story. Lately I’ve been reflecting more on the process and also how I affected other people as I struggled through the telling my experiences and feelings.

    Thank you.