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Contemporary Romance Author & e-Book Binge Reader

 Welcome to Marian Andrew’s Indie Books & More, the podcast for literary fans and indie authors who would like  to listen to my book reviews and hear me talk about the challenges of self-publishing.


I always recommend some books I’m reading and really enjoying. Popular topics include chick-lit, sappy romances, erotica, family sagas, paranormal love plots, LGBTQ romances, female empowerment, and reverse-harem dramas.


Indie & Hybrid Authors!


Free Promo for all indie and hybrid authors!

  • Podcast recording session for 30-40 mins to discuss yourself as an author and the book you want to promote.
  • Two promo materials will circulate on social media platforms three days before the podcast release, featuring your name, photo & book cover.
  • Your purchase book link, book cover and author contact details are added on the "Hall of Fame" podcast page of this website.
  • The podcast will be featured on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Podbean.


Due to the overwhelming interest of authors who would like to have their books promoted on the podcast, I have changed several policies. Therefore if you would like your books to be a featured podcast, then please fill out the Contact Podcast Request form.

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Next Episode: June 19th !!

June 19th


This is the last episode of the season, will return again in September. Stay tune for this Sunday's episode details, with a returning guest author!

June 5th


🎙It’s gonna get smutty….
Tune in to this Sunday’s podcast as I chat with my husband because it will get explicit….okay….not really. This is a public podcast and we have to keep it clean! But we’re discussing reverse harems, smut books, and romances. Basically, it’s all about Sex and the City and the female version of Hugh Hefner!
We’ll also be chatting about my latest book series release, The Titans Series, and the first book to the series, GODS of City Glory
You simply can’t miss this podcast! It’s going to be funny, somewhat uncomfortable (for hubs), and epic!

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Comments: 2
  • #2

    Tom Reppert (Thursday, 09 December 2021 23:54)

    I thoroughly enjoyed appearing on your podcast, Marian. You're a natural on that medium, and I suspect part of the reason for it is that you well understand writing and writers being one yourself. There is much good information about the creation of stories and marketing and approach to it all on your podcasts. They are becoming an indispensable resource for all writers.

  • #1

    Delaine Shay (Monday, 30 August 2021 14:41)

    Your voice is easy to listen to which is helpful for my hearing loss.
    Thanks for explaining what an Indie author is I thought I know yet wasn’t sure.

    As far as being interviewed on your program, I am grateful. to hear that you are also talking about the writing process. In my interviews thus far no one has broached that and it is such an important part of the story. Lately I’ve been reflecting more on the process and also how I affected other people as I struggled through the telling my experiences and feelings.

    Thank you.