Who is Marian Andrew?

Writer 🖤 Fashion Designer 🖤 Artist 🖤 Reader 

🖤 Podcaster 🖤 Wife 🖤 Mom 

 Marian Andrew is an original New Yorker educated in Britain and currently resides in Germany with her incredibly supportive husband, son, and two feline companions.



With a career in fashion design spanning over two decades, Marian has worked for prominent names in New York and London. Her professional journey has taken her to various corners of the world in search of fresh ideas and inspiration, and she frequently draws from these experiences to write stories she loves to tell.



Specializing in digital design throughout her career, Marian takes pride in not only crafting compelling narratives but also in creating alluring book covers and artwork for her works.




Fluent in three languages, Marian grew up in a multicultural environment, and writing has always been her greatest passion.



When she’s not immersed in her writing cave creating a new hot story, Marian can be found ballroom dancing with her husband. She also loves binge-reading Ebooks and experimenting with recipes from her favorite celebrity chefs’ culinary books.