Who is Marian Andrew?

Writer ♥ Fashion Designer ♥ Artist ♥ Blogger ♥ Reader ♥ Wife ♥ Mom ♥ A Sucker for Romance ♥ Podcaster

Marian Andrew is an original New Yorker with a British education and currently lives in Germany with her husband, son, and two cats.


Working as a fashion designer for the last twenty years she has lived and continues to work throughout Europe and America. Her career has taken her to several places in the Far East, Middle East, and North Africa, constantly gathering ideas, inspiration, and experiences throughout her travels.


Marian hosts a fortnightly podcast, Marian Andrew’s Indie Books & More, that aims to support indie and hybrid authors within the writing community; it’s a free service, and links can be found here.


Her hobbies include ballroom dancing, binge reading e-books, and trying out recipes from favorite celebrity chefs' culinary books.