Book I

When fashion designer Nadine Willis goes to interview job applicant James Connor, she encounters a man who is gorgeous, mysterious, and intelligent....MORE

Hustler's Salvation

Book II

The future of Nadine's and James's destinies hangs in the balance. New shocking plot twists that lead to uncovering colossal secrets, questioning virtues, morality, and friendships. Letting go of the past and moving to an alternative direction might be the best remedy for everyone....MORE



Hustler's Redemption

Book III

Will Nadine and James finally take the lifelong steps of commitment? Or will other factors challenge their future together? They have to deal with the bombshell revelation that someone....MORE

Love In A Pandemic


A small sleepy German village, a pandemic virus, and a bunch of horny people looking for love. Certainly a recipe for disaster...MORE


NA Contemporary Romance

To be in love is what makes us human. I went through my teens and young adult life wanting, forever desperate, to have that feeling.And, because I could never achieve it....MORE


Contemporary Romance


“And here I was, the clueless American, lost in a sea of French people, on a date with one of the hottest men I’ve met so far in this romantic city….”




Paranormal Dark Romance

“What if I tell you that everything the world knows is a lie? That our entire history was rewritten to hide the truth? The less we know, the stronger they remain, but I’m going to destroy that secret.” ... More


Contemporary Romance

Book 3. May 2022 ... More

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