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The Titan Series is a group of reverse harem contemporary romance novels. Each book in the series introduces a different story about Ava’s adventures and life journey with her three male roommates. Every book is written to be read as a standalone with a HEA chapter ending. However, the epilogues of each book in the series act as the introduction to the next book and will end on a cliffhanger.


So far there are three books planned to be released for 2022 with more coming in 2023.


Gods of City Glory is the first in the series and set to be released June 2022.


The books can be found at Amazon as Ebooks and Paperback and also available on Kindle Unlimited.


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Meet the starring characters ....

Meet Ava, The Hopeless Romantic

Ava’s dream is to become the next Halston and redefine American fashion. Her two best friends also live in Manhattan, and they often meet up to drink cocktails and chat about relationships and sex. They are her support system for some of the most challenging moments in her life.


Meet Ben, The Alpha Mediator

Ben is a financial trader. He joined the Marines to annoy his billionaire parents and received financial support from his grandmother to start his own career path. He’s successful, wealthy, and the alpha of the group. The apartment belongs to him, and he’s been living there since his Columbia days with Oscar and Carter. He enjoys working out at an old boxing club downtown, riding his Harley, fast cars, and drinking Blue Label whiskey.


Meet Carter, The Grumpy Cyber Geek

Carter studied information science but keeps his job low profile. No one is sure what he does precisely but believe it’s in high-tech cybersecurity. Originally from Montana, he moved to NY to study at Columbia, where he met the other two men with whom he is loyal to the bone. He is Ben’s second-hand man in managing the apartment and its security system. He’s an introvert and keeps to himself. His reserved nature causes Ava to be in constant antagonism with him. She also believes that he hides his true nature behind his reclusive behavior and suspects he might be into BDSM. Carter also rides a Harley and owns a 70s blue Dodge Challenger. He also regularly works out with the two men at the downtown boxing club.


Meet Oscar, The Iron Ripper

Oscar is a commercial architect and works for a large prominent corporate practice. Born in Brazil, he came to America with his parents when he was five. Oscar joined the Marines to apply for college sponsorship and met Ben there. He regularly fights in cages in non-sanctioned MMA matches and is a weekend tattoo artist and occasional graffiti artist. He drinks beer straight from the bottle, rides a Harley, and worships his beloved ‘69 Shelby GT.




Season 1

Book 1 (Live!)

Book 2 (Live!)

Book 3 (Coming December 28th)

Season 2

Book 4 (Coming Spring 2023)

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