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Great Read! Loved the story line and the setting. There was suspense, drama, a bit of humor, angst and steam! The spicy scenes were hot!

***** Amazon Review

Holy Smokes....freaking amazing!!!

Gena Vittoria Russo

Age: 22


A girl from Queens, New York, Gena is proud and loyal and has the ambition to elbow her way into British university life and in the process, juice it up with her energy and natural social personality. She’s currently studying fashion design, enjoys hanging out with her best friends, Jackson and Anais, listens to Princess Nokia, dyes parts of her dark hair in bright colors, and wears black slogan t-shirts.

The Alphaholes:

Spencer H Lewis (Aka Spence)

Age: 24


Spence is the heir to Britain’s favorite biscuit brand and is in line to become a Lord. Remotely related to the Windsors, he finished Harrow Prep school and has a very posh British accent. He is part of the Clarence House five-boy crew that transferred over from Maidstone and is currently studying Urban Space Design. He spends his summers on his parents’ yacht in St. Tropez and his winters skiing in the French Alps. He’s a coffee snob and doesn’t drink tea, runs and works out every morning with Reed, and has an endless supply of female admirers.

Kai Lee Taylor

Age: 22


Kai is half Korean and half British and grew up on a council estate in east London. His British father abandoned him and his mother when he was very young and holds a strong resentment toward him. He wears his hair in a faux mohawk with dyed blue tips, and his body is adorned with ink and a couple of piercings. He’s an expert in Taekwondo and practices with Reed in the backyard of Clarence House. He’s studying product design at the university and DJs for different clubs as a side job.

Reed Jones

Age: 26


Former soldier of the Grenadier Guards in the British Army, Reed is an expert in martial arts and often practices with Kai. He is the oldest in the group, and his crew of friends tends to look up to him as the alpha, but they also enjoy taunting him because he’s a fan of 80s and 90s-era music and film. He is currently studying photography at the university and prefers motorcycles over cars.

Jax Foster

Age: 22


Jax and his brother Cam were the infamous twin child TV stars. Their careers came to a tragic end just short of their 12th birthday and since then tried hard to cast off their famous personas and shy away from the British tabloids. Jax feels partially responsible for the tragedy that his twin was afflicted with and will turn a blind eye to the unorthodox lifestyle his brother adopts. Jax is studying with Reed photography at the university and has a massive passion for the creative side of the subject. He occasionally plays the electric guitar and enjoys driving fast cars.

Cam Foster



Fowl mouth, anti-social behavior, hash-smoking bad boy, Cam is the kind of guy most fathers would warn their daughters to stay well away from. He has a chip on his shoulder and hates people in general. There's raving demon inside him, and when push comes to shove, no one wants to be around when it comes to the surface. He’s currently studying graphic design at the university, but only because his twin brother Jax would never have gone to study without him. Cam mostly listens to artists such as Gravedgr and Corpse and drives a black Jaguar XKR-S. Most of his covered body is inked and adorned with various body piercings, including a full Jacob’s Ladder.

***** Amazon Review

I really want to read book 2!


***** Amazon Review

Wow! Ok so at first it starts out real slow while the author sets the scene...stick with it, I promise. I don't know whether I want to shake her or hug her.


***** Goodreads Review

I  really enjoyed this book. One badar$e Queen and 5 hot British alphaholes.. This had some angst, push and pull from both sides, steamy scenes and a stalker!


***** Goodreads Review



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